Act 1

Supplement of $8.50 for the table d’hôte
Appetizer or soup + main course + regular coffee or tea

•   Soup

•   Freshwater shrimp fritters with lemon sauce

•   Goat cheese medallion with honey on nut bread

•   Smoked salmon blinis with sour cream

•   Liver mousse

•   Celery remoulade and prosciutto chips
•   Parmesan cheese fondant

•   Lamb meatballs with rosemary stewed cabbaget
•   Mozzarella di Bufala, tomato sauce and pesto ($15 to share)


Act 2

•   Mussels with basil cream and fries

•   Linguine with bolognaise sauce

•   Veal lasagna with Caesar salad

•   Poached or grilled salmon, tartar sauce, vegetables and rice

•   Salmon tartar, sweet potato fries and salad

•   Veal liver with shallots and bacon, mashed potatoes and vegetables

•   Grilled veal escalope, mushroom sauce, fries and salad

•   Beef tartar with pine nuts, fries and salad

•   Flank steak, dijonnaise sauce, fries and salad
•   Today’s special











Please speak with your server for vegetarian and/or vegan options.

(Menu items may contain or come into contact with FISH, SHELLFISH, WHEAT, EGGS, PEANUTS, TREE NUTS, and DAIRY PRODUCTS.
For these reasons, we cannot guarantee any menu item will be completely free of these products.
For more information, please speak with the managing server. )